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  • EPS/PU/Rock wool sandwich board production machinery

EPS/PU/Rock wool sandwich board production machinery

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Product Details

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China Brand Name: DreamHouse Model Number: DH008

Packaging Details

Wooden Cartons

Product Description


1) Wide raw material resource
2) Easy process technology
3) Skillful installation engineer

1. Product

Sandwich Wall Board Machine mainly produce Light-weight heat-preserving wall board, which will replace solid brick as indoor partition, wall of steel structure and frame structure as well as wall of removable houses. Its products can be used for outside wall heat-preserving in northeast area of China.


2. Raw Material and Cost Analysis

The product is formed with crushed crop straw or sawdust and some inorganic chemical materials at one time after roller-extruding. The raw materials of this board is widely and purchased easily for customers.

Take thickness of 8cm as example, the cost is about 25 Yuan/m2, and the market price is generally 50~70 Yuan/m2.


3. Technology Features

This machine adopts the technology of double-drive double-roller-extruding, and the product is formed once after slurry spreading, material feeding, spreading no-woven cloth, compounding and repressing. The product have even and glazed surface with high compactness. The equipment largely reduces the labor intensity of worker and thoroughly changes many shortages of the former casting forming with upright mould or flat mould, such as large mould usage and single kind of product.


There is not any requirement about high temperature and high pressure during production processing. The board will be formed at one time after roller-extruding under the conditions of normal temperature and normal pressure. This is a green environmental-protection project, because that there is no waste water, waste materials and waste gas during its production processing. The finished board doesn’t need high temperature drying, air-drying and watering, and under the normal temperature, they will dry well indoor.


4. Equipment Model and Product Specification

According to different production capacity, our equipment has different models for large-scale, middle-scale and small-scale. Our all equipment can produce board with same quality and specification but different production capacity.

The board with the thickness from 1 cm to more than 10 cm, the width from 60cm to 120cm and unlimited length. So you can adjust the specification of board at will. The product has following kinds: hollow, solid and interlayer with benzene board (With best effect).


5. After-sale

After purchased the equipment, we will teach relevant technology for free, and will go to your factory for installation and testing until you can produce the qualified product by yourself. Our company will train 2-3 technical personnel for free until he can get the skill. We will take responsibility for provide technical consultation and following-up service for a long time, the equipment warranty period is one year.

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