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  • 630nm Blue New And Originality Pdt Led Machine Blue Led Photon Light Therapy For Acne Treat Machine Led Light For Face

630nm Blue New And Originality Pdt Led Machine Blue Led Photon Light Therapy For Acne Treat Machine Led Light For Face

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Product Details

Certification: CE ISO Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Corelaser Model Number: CL-P1
Feature: Acne Treatment, Pigment Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover

Packaging Details

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Treatment scope of led light therapy machine:

1>Effective anti aging

2>Eradicate fleck without pigmentation

3> skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removing, face lifting

4> cure desensitization, red nose, rid acne and telangiectasia

5> heal up the injured surface after the plastic and surgery

6> repair the sensitive skin due to tattoos, the injured skin caused by the laser or photons surgery and rid pigmentation

7>instantly remove the tiredness, relax the body, and ameliorate the dormancy

Regulate incretion, ovary care

8>absolutely ameliorate nerve coma on the face and convulsion


New and originality pdt led machine blue led photon light therapy for acne treat machine
How the Skin LED Mask Works ?
Photodynamic therapy is a dynamic nursing reactions on the skin using light conservation and treatment of one of the latest technology, the light energy into cellular energy,accelerate cell growth , accelerate blood circulation, stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen tissue , increase skin elasticity for repair aging skin , acne skin, fade spots , improve firmness , ease sun burns the skin so care plays an important role.

Product description
 New and originality pdt led machine blue led photon light therapy for acne treat machine
Red(630nm)skin rejuvenation 
spot  removal
whitening pale spot, tender skin and anti-wrinkle, repair damaged skin, smooth the fine wrinkles, shrink pores, hyperplasia of collagen.
Blue(415nm)Deep sterilization, balance oilefficiently destroy the bacteria, minimize acne, inflammation and in a short span of time period to heal acne significantly reduced.
(630nm and 4150nm)
beautiful skinNeutralization, balance and safety purposes, relieve mental stress and effective dredge lymphoid and edema
YellowSupplement cellular energyAdd energy to skin cells, promote gland function, assist digestion, treatment of skin diseases, enhance the immune function.



Electronic liquid head

main role is to open the molecular structure inside the cell, so that the skin to form the fully

open state, to import the required energy, the specific method of operation is when the product

first to infiltrate through the electronic liquid skin, using circular motion of the method, in need

of care and smooth the skin back and forth movement.


Small photon head

facial skin defects And other functions


eyes pen

so that the end of eye pattern loss, tighten the bags under the eyes, Relieve eye fatigue, so

lighten dark circles. Adjustment cells, increase blood circulation, promote skin metabolism

and Lipolysis, and to the permeability of the skin.


Stick to enhance rejuvenation

release skin cells, so that rapid synthesis of fibroblasts Collagen, elastic skin revert to the

original compact, the skin causing the skin to stimulate the muscle tension is increased, thereby

Working Theory

Bio-Light Therapy is the interaction of light, delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), to cause bio-stimulation on cell receptors. Bio-Light therapy encourages natural cell renewal and healing. By stimulating these actions, damage caused by the sun, the environment, natural aging and other external factors can be safely and painlessly remedied. Various studies around the world suggest that Bio-Light Therapy stimulates blood and lymph circulation, decreases inflammation, and improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis (collagen).

gradually eliminate wrinkles, prevent skin aging, restoring skin elasticity, facial improvement.


1. can improve skin aging relaxation , large pores, fine wrinkles and other symptoms.

2. can improve pigmented lesions, such as: freckles , sunburn , age spots and other symptoms.

3. can improve the poor metabolism , through the bad complexion dark complexion caused

poor .

4. can repair damaged skin care properties .

5. the effective conduct of oil acne swelling , inflammation, eliminate scar treatment.

6. whitening , facial moisturizing , detoxification.

7. face sculpture , closing the jaw and repair the double chin, cheekbones sculpture , tighten

cheek bit ;

8. smooth fine lines and eliminate wrinkles.

9. eliminate eye , black eye, eye pattern , etc.



Light source:SMD LED
Lightness:≥ 8000mcd
Light Color:7 colors
Voltage:110V / 220V
Output power:120mw/cm2
Package Size:30x27x18cm

Technical parameter

Light source: LED gene biological light

Output Wave: Red 630nm; Blue 470nm; Yellow 590mm

Lightness: ≥8000mcd (red light);≥4000mcd (blue light)

Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz

Power: 25W

System Size: 350*220*75(mm3)

Net weight: 1.9kg

Gross weight: 2.1kg




All of the products from CORELASER are follow the international standard. They are approved by Medical CE, ISO13485, TUV , TGA and SFDA.

They are high  quality, Safe and with obvious result. Welcome to visit us and test it. 

New and originality pdt led machine blue led photon light therapy for acne treat machine


Payment and delivery

Is it the first time you purchase from abroad? Are you worrying about the payment?

Corelaser is approved by Trade assurance, trade assurance is a security payment advocated by Alibaba Group.

Your payment will be protected by alibaba until you get the products. 


New and originality pdt led machine blue led photon light therapy for acne treat machine


1. Warranty Period:

Unless otherwise stated specifically by the company, the following periods apply:

Duration of Control Unit: 12 months

Duration of Accessories Parts: 3 months

During the warranty, all the parts are free.


2. Online Technical Support

We provide technical materials about the products, such as product manuals, configuration guides, networking cases, and maintenance experiences. After obtaining website access permissions, you can download documents, get up-to-date information about maintenance experiences and skills, and learn about the latest products.


Aftersale service

Corelaser provide professional training, one to one solution, market strategies and so on---

1.We response faster, in 24 hours.


2.We fixed problems faster, in 24 hours


3.We are one to one( one client to one service people) all professional service promised.



LED Machine Applications:

1. Acne treament
2. Anti-aging,skin rejuvenation
3. Improving lymph circulation
4. Reducing fine lines,wrinkles,stretch marks
5. Curing skin diseases
6. Repair traumatized skin caused by laser treatment
7. Anti-hair-loss treatment and Hair Regrowth treatment
8. Wound recovery
9. Accelarating skin absorption of cosmetics

Company Introduction

Guangzhou Corelaser Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company established in September 2007, engaged in R&D, sales and after-sales services of aesthetic devices & medical laser equipments (Delier series), even part of IT area. We are one of the most leading companies in this industry, and have a professional team integrating with optics, machinery, electricity and medicine that keep us ahead on in this field.

We ourselves research on laser lamp wick in 2007, and devote the 40t high pressure forging equipment for offering more effective and hi-quality laser lamp wick, It is an innovation on one shot process at that time, we are the first company master this technology.

We've developed into a modernized company, which covers 800m2 and has more than70 employees. Also we establish the branch company in Hong Kong. The company also obtained the international domestic medical certifications, such as (TUV) CE, (TUV) ISO13485, (TUV) ISO9001, SFDA etc; and has the right of import and export certificate and the certificate of self-registration units' record management etc.

Main products:
808nm diode laser for permanent hair removal
Fractional thermal RF skin therapy system
1540nm Erbium glass laser system
Co2 fractional laser system
Cryolipolysis body contouring system
635nm diode laser slimming system
Ultrasonic cavitation slimming system
E light (IPL+RF) system
IPL ,OPT(SHR)system
RF system
ND YAG Q-SWITCH laser tattoo removal system
PDT aesthetic beauty system

The company adheres to the principles of people-oriented, purpose of science and technology as the first and customer first; aiming at high quality and high efficiency, in order to with perfect after-sale service and cost-effective products for customers. Our products are exported worldwide in last many years, including Europe, America, middle-east and Asia etc., The high quality of the products approved by many countries and regions in world.

We got ISO 9000 approval in August 2007.
We got CE (EU) certificate in December 2007.
We devoted international production line in July 2008, is the unique one and the first one in this industry
We got SFDA certificate in September 2008.
We got(TUV)ISO13485 and CE 0197 certificates in March 2009
We establish the Hong Kong branch company in 2007
We took part in international Exhibitions on beauty products during 2007-2009, such as in Moscow, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong etc.
We've developed into the modernized company by September 2009; has 70 employees more and cover 800 m2 place

Hope our contributes in last years bring benefits for you. Sincerely welcome all friends in this industry to CORELASER Company; let's create a better future on esthetics industry.

Welcome to China!!!
Welcome to Beijing!!!
Welcome to OUR COMPANY!!!

There are many companies sell IPL, E LIGHT, LASER machine in market today. Of which, most of them are the trade companies and small & Cottage Industries Corporation; who defraud buyers. Therefore, all foreign customers take more care please in business negotiation. Some notices for your reference:

1.Please visit their company and factory, if it is a big quantity order. Seeing is believing.
2.Explore company video to look at their production department, warehouse, inspection equipment
3.To see whether they have their own design drawing, production mould
4.Look at their certificates, which can be distinguished on government website
5.Products assembly standard: different price is based on different assembly standard. More inquiries better benefits protection.

Trade & Market
  • Western Europe , Domestic Market , North America , Southern Europe , South Asia , Northern Europe , Oceania , Central America , Africa , Southeast Asia , South America , Mid East , Eastern Europe
  • CE
  • TB160913902
  • 2016-09-21
  • 2022-12-29

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Guangzhou Corelaser Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Corelaser Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.
ContactAlbert Chen
AddressFloor 2-1, 137 Dongjiweixia Street, Zhangcunqiao, Baiyun District
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630nm Blue New And Originality Pdt Led Machine Blue Led Photon Light Therapy For Acne Treat Machine Led Light For Face
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