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  • 1500mj Removal All Color Tattoo Tattoo Remove Laser 800mj Machine Low Cost Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Vascular Tumours Treatment

1500mj Removal All Color Tattoo Tattoo Remove Laser 800mj Machine Low Cost Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Vascular Tumours Treatment

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Product Details

Laser Type: Nd: Yag Laser Q-Switch: Yes
Style: Portable Certification: CE ISO
Place of Origin: Hunan, China Brand Name: ZOR
Model Number: LTR01-04 Feature: Tattoo Removal

Packaging Details

A product with a single box packaging for low cost yag laser tattoo removal machine

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1.Tattoo (black, red, brown, blue, tec)

2.Pigmented lesions: sunspot, Ota's nevus, Ito’s nevus, Mongolian spot, age spot, CALMS, nevus ,Zygomatices etc. 

3.Skin Rejuvenation and resurfacing fine wrinkles and expression lines removal , pigmentations reduction such as sunspots 

and freckles firms up skin tone 


1. Portable with keyboard screen .

2.Multi-spot size is ideal for a wide variety of treatment parameters

3. The effect is 12 times more than that of the common laser machines;

4. Single pulse width is 6ns, 1/4 that of common laser machines;

5. It not only enhances the effect of thrashing the pigmentation, but also avoids the blain and scar after laser treatment.

6. Dual-wavelength (1064nm&532nm) output.

removal all color tattoo Tattoo Remove Laser Machine low cost yag laser tattoo removal machine

Product Description




Laser Tattoo Remover
Laser for Tattoo Removal

Operation principle:
Two Steps Of Dispel the pigment:
Step 1:We utilize the blowing up of light ,and blow the pigment that the¡¡destruction skin line embroidered originally, break a tiny particle from big pigment particle
Step 2:The tiny particle is eliminated from body by metabolism system, and achieve the goal of dispelling the pigment
Scope of application:
Dispel the pigment skin: dispel the birthmark, dispel the line eyebrows, dispel the eyebrows line, dispel the lip, dispel lip¡¯s line, dispel then tattoo, etc.Dispel the pigment classification: Blue, Black, Brown And Red
1.Short Time: You can dispel the eyebrows in few minutes.
2.Fast Recover: Slight redness and tumefaction, and disappear soon.
3.Easy to master: You can master it just with reading the manual and our telephone supporting.
4.Wide Market: As long as the tattooing market is existence, the market of dispelling the tattooing too.
5.Light:It¡¯s convenient to take. You can use it everywhere.

YINHE series laser tatoo equipment adopts the Q swithch mode, which makes use of the instantaneous emitted laser to break the pigment in ill structure.. That¡¯s the laser instantaneous emit theory: centralized high energy emit suddenly, which makes laser of settled wave band instantaneously penetrate through cuticle to the ill structure in 6ns, and break the relevent pigments quickly. After aborb the heat, the pigments swell and break down, some pigments ( in skin-deep cuticle ) fly off the body immediately, and other pigments ( deep structure ) break down then become the tiny granule can be licked up by the cell, digested and egest from the lymph sell.Then the pigments in ill structure lighten to disappear. Moreover, the laser do not damage the around normal skin.
II Applications:
1.Pigment deposit dispelling removal:can remove black,blue,brown and red tattoo pigments on eyebrow, eyeline, lipline and other parts of body.
3.Eliminate the age pigment, spot, birthmark, and pigment changes.
III Features:
1.Using the world¡¯s most advanced ABS insulation material, anti-interference capability and a more stable unit.
2.Q-switched without permanent replacement
3.Double-band free conditioning
4.Water temperature detection, water temperature can be set free, when the water temperature is too high, automatically stop working
5.Flow testing, when the flow is too small or stop, equipment will automatically withdraw from the work of state
6.Multilingual arbitrary switching, anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.
7.Instruction Light: Net imports of infra-red indicator to spot more accurate treatment has greatly enhanced point utilization, cost saving.


Our Advantages

How it Works? 


If you’re worried about lengthy sessions with a laser, don’t be. Q switched laser with very short pulse durations 3ns, which help keep skin free of scarring. To further protect the skin, treatments are usually done over several sessions. The number of sessions you need will depend on your tattoo. Every tattoo is different and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors, meaning some tattoos are easier to remove than others. Professional tattoos (one you get at a tattoo parlour) tend to take longer to remove than those done by amateurs (one you get at a party after one too many tequila shots).

1.Will not destroy hair follicle, will not injure ordinary skin

2.Suitable to all kinds of skin color people

3.Easy and fast treatment, no down time

4.Different housing with different color can make the style of machine matches the style of your hospital, clinic and salon.

5.Water temperature and water flow alarm system, keep machine from unexpected damage

6.German import laser yellow rod ensure the lifetime of the handle, the rod make light transmittance higher and treatment effect better.







Product Description

Our Nd Yag Laser with 3 wavelength working probes, 1064nm, 532nm and 1320nm, the 1064nm and 532nm working probes can removal all the colors of tattoo and skin pigment problem. And the

 1320nm working probe is for carbon laser skin rejuvenation.for Deeply clean

Company Introduction

ZOR Tattoo Supplies is a manufacturer and wholesaler of tattoo supplies who has been serving the tattoo industry since 2004. We produce almost products in this field except the imported inks and become the leading professional manufacturer.

Trade & Market
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Changsha ZOR Trading Co., Ltd.
ContactJason Chen
AddressNo. 3108, Bldg. 5, Haowanggu Yundi, Xianglong Street, Changsha County
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1500mj Removal All Color Tattoo Tattoo Remove Laser 800mj Machine Low Cost Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Vascular Tumours Treatment
  • $900 - $1,300 / Piece
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  • LTR01-04
  • Tattoo Removal
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