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  • Anti-corrosion cracking waterproofing agent
  • Anti-corrosion cracking waterproofing agent
  • Anti-corrosion cracking waterproofing agent
  • Anti-corrosion cracking waterproofing agent

Anti-corrosion cracking waterproofing agent

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Product Details

Place of Origin: Hebei, China Brand Name: hebeishengtong Model Number: ST-03M

Packaging Details

50 kg pp/bag or according to customer's requirements.

Product Description

Product Description

  ST-03M anti corrosion anti crack waterproof agent is powder Composed with variety of organic matter and inorganic matter. This product has the characteristics of low potassium sodium content, little influence on concrete strength and short expansion stability period.

1, this product is a gray powder, the proportion of 2.8-3.0, the specific surface area is not less than 250m2/kg;


2,Because of improving the compactness and anti permeability of concrete, and adding the anti corrosion components, so that the concrete has a high anti cracking and anti-corrosion properties, effectively inhibit the invasion of harmful ions


3,alkali content is very low, it will not produce any alkali damage to concrete


4,The stable period of expansion is short, generally it has no longer significant expansion after 14 days, it has no influence on the later strength of concrete.


5,this product contains the effective expansion ingredients, the concrete mixed with the product can achieve long seamless construction as same the concrete only mixed expansive agent:


6,compressive strength (Mpa): in the standard dosage (8-12%),3d can reach 70%, the strength of 7d can reach the strength of 28 day, the strength of 28 days can be improved.


7,the product can make the concrete slump loss faster than the concrete without adding it,the setting time slightly shorter; according to the requirements of temperature and construction, adjust the dosage to deploy appropriate


8,greatly improving the impermeability of concrete;


9,Can improve the corrosion resistance of concrete and frost resistance;


10,It has a function of compensating shrinkage of concrete, Compensation rate is (2~3.5)×10-4, the large volume of concrete will not produce cracks because of shrinkage



11,No corrosion damage to steel bars.


Our Services


1.This product generally suit to be coordinated with portland cement and ordinary  cement, the suitable dosage is 8-12%, The exact proportion shall be determined by the final match after the test


2,in order to ensure the effectiveness of the expansion agent, concrete mix design and ordinary concrete is basically same.


3,concrete mixed with this product can not work in working environment which are  above 80℃ for a long time, when construction temperature below 5 degrees, it should  take heat preservation measures.


4,Pay attention to conservation, conservation time are not less than 14 days, when the sun exposure, cover it with plastic film , so that the concrete should often keep moist state.

Packaging & Shipping


1.packing: 50±1kg pp/bag. It is ok to pack according to customer’s requirements.

2.The product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and cool place to prevent moisture and damage; the layer should not be more than 10 bags. Shelf life of one year.This product is non-toxic, no corrosion, the valid is six months, if over valid, it should pass the test before using.




1.The dams in the water conservancy and hydropower construction, and Waterproof and anti cracking layer of groundwater in the Subway, tunnel, civil air defence works, high rise building and so on.

2.Coal mine, basement, kitchen, toilet and roof of the present concrete in civil construction

3.Net proof mortar layer, damp proof mortar layer;

4.Cast sheet raft foundation and Post cast strip with large bottom plate of High rise building, and Anchor joint of frame structure

5.at the same time, there is a unique anti freeze performance for the concrete project which has the requirement of freezing thawing cycles in the cold area.



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 Anti-corrosion cracking waterproofing agentAnti-corrosion cracking waterproofing agent

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