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  • frame formwork
  • frame formwork
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  • frame formwork
  • frame formwork
  • frame formwork
  • frame formwork

frame formwork

  • USD $70 - 73 / Square Centimeter |Get Latest Price
  • 100 Square Centimeter / Square Centimeters
  • 10000 Square Centimeter / Square Centimeters per Month
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Product Details

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Brand Name: BOFU Model Number: frame formwork

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Product Description

frame formwork






1. light weight, high strength 
2. sustainable and enviroment friendly   
3. reusable
4. eco-friendly
5. easy operation


 Product Description 



BOFU frame formwork is an easy and intuitive system of PC-ABS/PP formworks for building concrete walls, basements, columns. Compared with the traditional timber or steel systems, modular formwork is handier, more cost effective and faster to set up, save time and labor charge. BOFU  frame formwork has panels of various sizes, fastened together by means of fast-lock nylon handles. Thanks to the several possible panel combinations, and special inner and outer corner elements, the possible wall thickness goes from 10 to 40 cm.







Dalian BOFU Construction Material Co., Ltd. is the professional supplier of frame formwork , scaffolding, couplers, prop, etc. As the leading supplier of modular formwork in North East China, BOFU endeavour to help you build faster and conveniently, and most important, guarantee the safety for workers. BOFU also endeavour to protect environment because we only have one earth. 



Thanks to our credibility and high quality products, BOFU has built long term cooperation relationship with many world class enterprises such as Saudi Arabia ATCO group, Russia Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, Italy Geoplast Company, etc.



 Product Characteristics 


product nameframe formwork
tensile strength80KN
reusable100 times


Product Introduction 




The biggest panel of BOFU frame formwork is 120x60cm, weight only 10.5kg, which can be lift and set up by only one person easily, need no
crane on the site.




easy set up


 Different size of BOFU frame formwork panels can be firmly locked by simply turn the special handles to 90 degree. The panels have rib on the back, which makes the system need not traditional wood blocks and nails.

The panels have holes to fit tie rod, guarantee the strength of the whole system.  





The material of BOFU frame formwork is PC-ABS mixied with special glass fibres which enable panels to hold high pressures. The handles are made by high strength Nilon, each panel
locked by at least 4 handls, which makes the whole system strong enough to pour 40cm walls.



enviroment friendly


The BOFU frame formwork system need not cut and nail due to the variety size, and nearly need no wood, the material can be recycled after broken, will not pollute the enviroment. In propely use, the formwork system can be reused about 100 times.






Concrete does not stick to plastic, thus the panels need no oil before using, and can be cleaned simply by water. The surface of the wall which built by BOFU frame formwork is smooth, can be left without rework.




Walls and corners


Using BOFU frame formwork , it is possible to pour up to 40cm thick and 3 meters highstraight walls one time. Combining with special corners and compensation panels, right angle walls, three way T-walls and four way cross walls can be fomed easily. The low weight and modularity of  frame formwork makes it ideal for fence walls as it is possible to move large gangforms by hand.




Basins and elevator shafts


The low weight of  BOFU frame formwork simplifies the pouring of tanks, basins and swimming pools in areas with limited or no access to heavy equipment. BOFU  frame formwork also ideal for elevator shafts as it can use without aid of crane, can make an easy, fast and precise job by hand.




Doors and windows


To make doors and windows by BOFU frame formwork is simple, by inserting inside the formwork a wooden frame corresponding to the size of the opening needed, and then pour the walls with doors and windows.




 Adjustable Column panel



The BOFU frame formwork column panels are interconnected using the standard nylon locking handles. Each panel will require 9 handles. The forming face has 6 parallel rows of fixing holes to allow the orthogonal connection of the panels in a “star” shape. The rows are placed at a distance of 100/50mm the one from the other, allowing the forming of square and/or rectangular columns with side of 150 to 600mm.




 Set up Showing 



BOFU  frame formwork system for walls with precise lengths or enclosed 4 within other walls. A single filler requires 2 x wood plates (1 each side), 4 x stays (each comprising a spacer, a tie rod and two win nuts), 8 x reinforcement bar (2 for each wood plate) .


1. assemble the formwork as described earlier leaving an opening in the panels where the wood plate has to be mounted. The space remaining will be panelled off by the wood plates (do not use the wood plate along or next to corners, but in a flat area, usually about halfway along the wall)




2. to keep the plates in place and prevent them from falling, fit the spacers and the tie rods in the plates’ holes


3. mount the reinforcement bars on the tie rods, one for each stay (i.e. 4 each side for a 3.00m high formwork)


4. lock the reinforcement bar in place by fastening tight the win nuts, making sure the reinforcement bar is kept horizontal. At this stage the wood plates are blocked to the system





project Sample



 project in Russia



project in Kazakhstan



 project in Saudi Arabia



Please send your project design drawing in .dwg to us, we will help to make formwork solution for you.









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