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  • DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box

DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box

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Product Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: DiTai Model Number: Ditai2015073003
Plastic Modling Type: Mould

Packaging Details

In export cartons

Product Description

DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box


Product Description


1, DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box

2, The max size: 4000*2000*1000mm. 


Common Materials for vacuum forming customized plastic box

Depending on your application there’s a range of polymer sheets available on the market. However, if you’re looking for short runs, one of your biggest issues will be colour matching.


Unlike Plastic Injection Moulding, which is an additive production system, Vacuum Forming is subtractive. Often basic colours are available freely, but anything beyond that will be difficult to source unless you’re looking for one ton loads or above.


When choosing a plastic, you’ll need to consider application. Will your product be used inside our out? Will it be exposed to extreme heat or cold? Does the product need to withstand high impact? Are you looking for something that’s fire retardant?

As a general rule of thumb, we work to the following guidelines.


The following chart provides additional information about various plastic materials and their uses.

Chart of Plastic Materials – Advantages, Disadvantages and Industry Examples

plastic material Advantages Disadvantages Industry Examples
    PS(Polystyrene) Clear plastic, very moldable, inexpensive, recyclable, high chemical resistance, high electrical resistance, heat distortion ~200°F Cracks and breaks easily Disposable cups, disposable applications, decorative applications, electrical applications
             HIPS                  (High Impact   Polystyrene) Very moldable, relatively inexpensive Very moldable, relatively inexpensive Picture frames, shower walls, food containers
              ABS             (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Engineered plastic that can be customized to desired levels of stiffness, hardness, heat deflection, and many other characteristics UV sensitive – requires a UV protective cap layer for extended exposure Cases of all types, bath tubs, fenders, instrument panels, automotive applications, recreational vehicles, many others
               PVC  (PolyvinylChloride) Very high chemical resistance, stain resistant, stiffer than ABS, high room temp. impact strength, natural  flame retardant qualities Difficult to process Shower surrounds, moldings, kick panels, display cases
     Polycarbonate Extremely high impact resistance, high clarity – good for transparent parts, precision molding, good insulator, high heat distortion point ~270°F Low chemical resistance to certain substances (oil, gasoline, harsh chemicals), can be difficult to process, higher material and processing cost Visors, plastic guards, transportation components (headlights, taillights, instrument panels), appliance drawers, skylights
Polycarbonate/ABS When compared to true polycarbonate – less expensive,  lower heat distortion ~240°F, much easier to process, higher chemical resistance When compared to true polycarbonate – reduced clarity,  lower heat distortion ~240°F When compared to true polycarbonate – reduced clarity,  lower heat distortion ~240°F

(polyethylene- terephthalate)

Very easy to process, high clarity – good for transparent parts Not UV stable – unsuitable for extended exposure Structural automotive parts, hand tools, industrial components

some vacuum forming customized plastic box pictures for your reference:

DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic boxDITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box

 DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box


DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box


Company Information



 DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box

we have the biggest  machine in GuangDong,Our largest products can be 4000*2000*1000mm


Our factory is professional in plastic vacuum thermoforming more than 10 years of experiences. offering many different kinds of plastic vacuum thermoforming products.Could make the products according to customers’ design drawing .

Address : 6th Floor, Bldg. N, Jinxiongda Industrial Park, Xingyuan Road, Datanglang Village, Dalingshan Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China(mainland)


Tel :+86 769-82868066

Fax:+86 769-82868099

Mobile :+86 13825780422 (Amy)



Buying Guides


Our standard manufacturing steps for vacuum forming customized plastic box , same as our other products :


1)Customers provide 3D design drawing or sufficient info ( leng x widht x highx thickness, material, colors etc)
2)We offer quotation in time
3)Once confirmed price,we arrange to build mold according to customer's design drawing
4)Make samples for customer approved
5)Arrange mass production after sample approved by customers
6)Timely complete production for on-time delivery




1,What is vacuum forming or thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a generic term for the process of producing plastic parts from a flat sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure. In the highest expression of the technology, thermoforming offers close tolerances, tight specifications, and sharp detail. When combined with advanced finishing techniques, high-technology thermoforming results in products comparable to those formed by injection molding. All of us are exposed to many thermoformed plastics in our daily lives. They have replaced many parts previously manufactured from wood, paper, glass, and metal.



2,Why Use Vacuum Forming?

Vacuum thermoforming has advantages over other plastic production methods. Here are some potential advantages that would make vacuum forming a good choice for your plastic part:

Our Services


How about our factory ability for vacuum forming customized plastic box ?


1. Our company uses imported high-quality material with various colors such as PMMA, ABS, PS, PP, APET, PVC, PET, PET-G, and HIPS.


2. The Max products size can be 4000*2000*1000mm.


3. The material thickness can reach 10mm. 


4. we are able to do Designing, Moulding, SilkScreen, Vacuum Forming, CNC cutting, Polishing, Spray Painting, 

Splicing, Packing….


5. Products are widely applied in toy, catering, auto, mechanism, household appliance, tourism, printing, medical equipment, architecture, touring, advertising, furniture etc.


6. Lower tooling costs.


7. Extremely adaptive to customer design needs.


why choose us?


DITAI produce vacuum forming customized plastic box


All products are customized, you just give us a idea, we will work out it for you!!!

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